The Lie By Lonnie

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The big meaning in the short story of T. C. Boyle’s “The Lie” is that Lonnie feels very awkward about his situation. Everything starts with a morning in which Lonnie can’t bear his job and needs a break. Lonnie gets into a situation where he creates a little lie which gets enormous with a snowball effect. Lonnie’s relationship with the people around him plays a significant role in this story. However, Lonnie looks lost and is depressed because of the change that happened in his life. To analyze the reasons for Lonnie's bad feelings; it is important to view this situation from different perspectives to understand the deep meaning and the feelings he is experiencing. Lonnie's relationship with his wife is the biggest problem he faces. It is a chaining problem which leads to other problems. It starts out with the poor communication that Lonnie and Clover have. For Instance, the only conversation they have together is about Clovers changing her name, and in which they end up with arguing. It seems like they don’t care about each other since they don’t discuss the problems in any way. Lonnie and Clover should face their problems that are very obvious. Anyhow, as we said that this is a …show more content…

He tried to overcome his depression by taking the days off in which he thought that he would eliminate his responsibilities. Those responsibilities that he was not used to be by creating the “big” lie. But as Lonnie created a bigger lie, he has faced more issues than before. For example, the money bag which he had to take even though he didn’t want to. Moreover, he had to handle with the possible results of the lie which was a bigger responsibility for him. As a result, he got caught, and once again, neither Lonnie nor his wife Cover discussed that last problem from which we understand that nothing would change even if it were a bigger

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