The Life Of Small Town Life

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Being a 16 year old girl living in a small town I always thought about leaving for the big city life. I thought small town life was boring. I hadn't traveled much, never seen the ocean, never seen any great American land marks, and my family had never taken a vacation. We did only live 20 minutes from one of the towns most popular swimming holes, which is still my favorite place to be in the summer. My best friend Becky had lived with my family and I for about 3 years that summer, we pretty much did everything together, and as luck would have it the "summer of 16" as I like to call it kept us together even in travels. We both had learned that our grandmothers lived pretty close to one another in New Mexico. My grandmother is pretty wealthy and told Becky and I that she would pay for our bus tickets out to New Mexico. Becky and I were beyond excited! Our trip started with a 22 hour bus ride from Springfield to Bernalillo, NM. Becky's grandmother picked us up and we spent the first week of our trip with her and her husband. The food was phenomanal, Becky's step-grandpa was an amazing cook. They lived a simple little life. He worked for the water department in Bernalillo and her grandmother was a stay at home granny who loved to read supernatural novels, she may have gotten Becky and I hooked on them too. The first week went so well, it almost felt like we had never left home. Week 2 and 3 Becky and I seperated, I went to be with my grandma while Beck stayed with hers. My

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