The Life and Death of Cleopatra

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The Life and Death of Cleopatra Everyone wonders how Cleopatra gained control of Egypt and what she did while she reigned. Cleopatra ruled during the Ptolemaic Dynasty (BBC). The Ptolemaic rule ended with the death of this impressive woman. In Cleopatra’s lifetime she inherited the throne of Egypt; fell in love with two influential Romans, just to kill herself to escape punishment by Octavian. Cleopatra’s father, King Auteles’, also known as Ptolemy XII or “The Piper” because he could play the flute. Cleopatra’s mother continues to be a mystery. They think she’s Auletes’ sister Cleopatra V Tryphaina (Nardo). They’re more Greek rather than Egyptian ancestry. While Auletes’ still in power he made the silver coin value one third…show more content…
Caesar’s senators conspired to have him assassinated (“Queen Cleopatra VII-Last Pharaoh of Egypt”). After his death Cleopatra went back to Alexandria in fear of her and her son’s life. Mark Antony eventually became the power house for Rome. Cleopatra had been watching him and knew enough about his social life to be able to introduce herself to him. She dressed herself as Aphrodite “goddess of love” to attract his attention. She used him to kill her sister. Antony also used Cleopatra for his own purpose, money. Mark Antony left Cleopatra to return home in 40 B.C.(“Queen Cleopatra VII-Last Pharaoh of Egypt”). His first wife died of illness after a confrontation with Octavian. Antony then married Octavia, Octavian’s sister, to patch things up. During this time Cleopatra delivered Antony’s twins, a boy and girl. Octavia, his wife, eventually gave him two daughters. This will cause problems in the future since his only son came from his lover. Once he settled in Antioch he sent for Cleopatra and his children. He needed her support so he officially recognized his son and daughter; Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene (“Queen Cleopatra VII-Last Pharaoh of Egypt”). Cleopatra inherited land which became important to Egypt to be able to build ships. Octavia remained completely loyal to Antony even though he paraded around with Cleopatra on his arm. Antony and Cleopatra with their children started to gain lots of power and were referred to as the King of Kings,
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