The Life and Future of a Social Worker

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Social workers are very helpful, the goal of all social workers is to help individuals and families work through their issues both mentally and physically. In order to be a social worker, one must know the education requirements, the working conditions, and want to help others.
To become a social worker, one must have the educational requirements such as a high school diploma, one should take courses required for when one goes to college. These courses include English, Foreign language, mathematics, social studies, economics and political science. Attending a four year college or university is a must a to receive a “bachelors of social work”. Although one must receive a bachelor's degree, most positions require a more advanced degree such as a masters degree. “All states require a licence, certification or to be registered”(social worker). Although all states have this requirement, the certification may be different for every state. It also may be different depending on what type of social worker. The requirements may not need the same amount of education and could even need more professional experience. A masters degree is usually a requirement for social workers who want to work in health like settings or endure in clinical work. Some colleges help master degree graduates find a job in the field that the graduate is appropriate for. Master degree programs last around two years and has a minimum of nine hundred hours. One may not need a bachelors degree to join the

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