The Lifestyle of Slaves and How Difficult It Was Essay

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Life as a slave may perhaps be the worst kind of lifestyle a human could have. Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to American, the colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. They were brought to help in the production of tobacco crops. The lifestyle of each slave deepened on the way the owner would treat them, lifestyle as a slave also varied all over the South for many different reasons. Slaves developed man developed their own celebrations, many of them religious. A daily life of a slave was relative to their labor, their family life, relations with masters and religious belief. Another thing that was a factor on the lifestyle a slave had was if you were a man or woman. In general for all slaves there were …show more content…

The influence of Christianity in Southern culture played a major role on the daily life of the slaves, Sunday religious gatherings were very common and always allowed (owners who forbid it were accused of being 'unchristian'). Slaves had many traditions an example are the "contra dances" in which slaves from nearby plantations gathered to play music and dance ( Relationship between slave and master was key on what kind of life the slave had. Some owners treated slaves just like property and in occasions would reseal the most skillful of the slaves sending them far away from their family and friends. There were some owners that cared for their slaves. There was always a contrast between the masters that literally worked their slaves to death and others ended up offering their slaves freedom if they could compensate them for it. Slaves would sometimes married slave from surrounding plantations and were only allowed once a week to visit their families. Usually there was only one way the slave life ended that’s was by death, many died of exhaustion or damage suffered by the hard work they underwent an entire lifetime. Although many slaves died by trying to found their liberty, they would try to escape and if the owner would found out they’re were trying to escape he would kill them but many slaves would rather die than to be a slave for life.
In conclusion, slavery is a very dark passage in the history of the world in general and we

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