Essay on The Likelihood of Becoming a Film Editor

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Have you ever thought of what career path you would like to follow when you grow older? Everyday young people inch closer and closer to the time of decision for the career they would like to pursue for the rest of their life. This one decision can often be influenced by the current economy condition and how much money you can earn yearly or monthly.
Recession and its’ effects
In 2008 many people were changing and choosing to take a different career path due to unstable economic condition. Some causes of the recession in 2008 include a sudden rise in price of oil, “irresponsible” usage of Loan, and a weak Dollar (Governing). Right before the recession many American citizens were charging items to their credit cards and then not paying off …show more content…

They work with cinematographers and sound editors to bring sight and sound together within a movie. There are several different tasks a film editor must engage in throughout the making of a movie: they read the shooting script and meet with the director to understand their vision for the film. Editors visit the locations during filming to gain a sense of how the shooting is progressing. They go through footage, once shooting is done, and select scenes based on how well they fit in with the story line and how effective the scene is at capturing the audience’s attention. The editor looks for the best combination of photography, performance, consistency and timing. Film Editors trim the segments of footage to the lengths needed for the film and assemble them into the best order to tell the story (How Stuff Works).
Statistics and Salary of a Film Editor
The current salary for a film editor is, for the tenth percentile, $25,660. For the twenty-fifth percentile the salary is $34,580. The fiftieth or median percentile salary is $51,300. If you’re a more experience film editor and you land in the seventy-fifth percentile the average salary is $79,380. If you are an excellent editor the average salary is $119,250. From research I discovered locations in which one may have a good chance of becoming a film editor. Those locations include California, New York, Florida,

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