The Link Between Our Minds And Our Environment

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Our senses are the link between our minds and our environment; we rely on them for our tactical, olfactory, visual, auditory and gustatory acquisition of knowledge. Our dependence on our senses for knowledge makes our need to critically evaluate the information they deliver higher. The only way a knower can achieve a state of perceptive, yet thoughtful, acquisition of knowledge is by maintaining a balance between trusting our senses and assessing their congruence with pre-existing knowledge. The sole purpose of a knower it to contribute to society in a positive manner. One must make an impact on the community with the knowledge they have acquired. The president of a nation who creates decisions contributes to society and even forming and sharing opinions in class can positively impact a community. The knowledge of a knower determines the overall content and effect of the contribution made, whether it is positive or negative. The primary sources of information are sigh, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. These are the five senses, which are the gateway of accessing knowledge from his experiences and the environment. In order to determine the “truth” of the senses, a knower has to first compare his sensory perceptions to his pre-existing knowledge and determine whether the information is congruent. However this process occurs without the knower realizing it. A knower does not question every sight, smell, sound, touch and taste, but rather accepts them in the context of his

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