The Little Match Girl By Hans Christian Andersen

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The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen is a story that has been around since the 1800’s. It is a fictional story stimulated from his mother’s childhood. Others say his inspiration came from a calendar with a girl holding matches(“SurLaLune”). In this story, a young girl lives in an impoverished family. She sells matches to bring some money to the family. She lives in fear to go home without any sales. She lost her shoes and did not wear a heavy coat because she did not have one. She seems to have nothing and no one in a cold world (Isadora). However, she is not without her hope that happiness is out there and she is determined to find it. This short story portrays so much pain and beauty in a few compact pages that tell reader’s to never give up hope and to keep going until the last match so to speak. Nothing is over until it is over (“Heritage”). Hans Christian Andersen, author of The Little Match Girl, was born in 1805 and grew up in Denmark with his parents Hans Anderson and Anne Marie Andersen(“Denmark 's”). He was a shoemaker and his mother would wash other people 's clothes(“Biography”). This time period of the early 1800’s was during the Napoleonic Wars. The way of living was changing and places became very overcrowded and impoverished. Because of the overcrowding, disease began to spread and so did lack of food. The couple tried to give everything they could to Hans and supported him in all of his dreams. Until his father died when Hans was 11. This caused
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