The Longest Yard, American Gangster And Death Race

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Criminal justice collaboration of agencies and processes which seek to achieve control of crime, minimization of crime and the enforcement of penalties for the commission of crime. Levels of the criminal justice system include a local level, a state level, and a federal level. For instance federal agencies such as the CIA or FBI operate on a different government level than your local sheriff or state police, but they have the same objective. With that being said, the media can both glorify and horrify the actual truth behind what occurs within different levels of the criminal justice system. For example, in the films The Longest Yard, American Gangster and Death Race, each movie displays a variety of frames and narratives that are discussed in Rafter’s and Surette’s text.
The Longest Yard is a movie about a pro quarterback (Paul Crewe), a former college champion (Nate Scarborough), and a coach (Caretaker) who happen to be placed at same prison together at the same time. Crewe was kicked out of the NFL for cheating and allegedly shaving points, afterwards he arrested for stealing his wife’s car and going on a drunken joy ride leading cops in a chase. For this reason, he was now in the criminal justice system, and the warden wanted to boost his reputation for an upcoming election by winning a “tune-up” football game. The warden falls under the narrative of the “corrupt prison worker” due to the fact that he threatened to extend Crewe’s prison sentence and complicate his time

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