The Looking Glass Wars Analysis

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In The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor the story of Alice in Wonderland is told from the opposite viewpoint. In this story Alyss Heart is the princess of Wonderland, and not a little girl from London. Alyss is forced to leave her homeland when both of her parents are killed by her evil Aunt Redd. When Alyss finds herself alone in England and must find her way back to Wonderland to defeat her evil Aunt. By switching storylines, Beddor shows significant themes that are developed throughout the story. For example, the theme violence or vengeance is show at times such as Redd and Genevieve, Dodge , and when Alyss faces her evil Aunt Redd. One example of this theme is the book is the battle between Redd and Queen Genevieve. At the beginning of the story soon after learning the the King has been killed, the queendom is attacked by a very vengeful, very violent Redd. Redd’s violence is …show more content…

When Dodge is first introduced to the reader early on in the book, he seems like a normal ten year old boy except for the fact that he is a palace guardsman. After the attack on Heart Palace, Dodge’s father is killed by Redd’s top assassin, called “The Cat”. During Redd’s reign as Queen of Wonderland, Dodge begins to change. The reader will start to notice this when they hear that, “Among the Alyssians, one particular soldier was making a name for himself with his growing military prowess and suicidal bravery.”(136) . Throughout the story the main thought in Dodge’s head is that he must get revenge on “The Cat” for his father's death. Dodge partially gets revenge at the end of the story when, “ Dodge used the paws as targets; with his sword in one hand and the knuckle blade on the other, he stabbed them both simultaneously, and before The Cat could retreat, he sunk his sword deep and hard through the beast’s rib cage.” While this did kill The Cat once, he still had another life and eventually escapes Dodge along with

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