The Looking Glass Wars

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The Sky Isn’t the Limit Anymore
The Looking Glass Wars by: Frank Beddor A caterpillar that smokes from pipes and eats tarty-tarts is only the beginning of Frank Beddor’s first book in his trilogy The Looking Glass Wars. Many of us are familiar with the infamous fairy tale of Alice who stumbles upon a hole that leads her to Wonderland and meets strange characters like the Cheshire Cat and others. Now there are many differences in Beddor’s tale; not only is the Cat an assassin with nine lives but Alice-the character we grew up knowing-has a different name, Alyss Heart. She is a young girl whose kingdom of Wonderland is taken over by her blood thirsty and cruel Aunt Redd, who is truly the incarnation of evil. This book is one with many …show more content…

No two chapters start with the same perspective. One chapter can start off with the evil thoughts of Redd or another chapter may start with our benevolent hero Alyss. The possibilities are endless with all the characters in the book and each and every chapter holds surprises that will force you to read on and hopefully find out what happened to that specific character. Readers find their love towards this book similar to dividing a number by zero, its

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