Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan Essay examples

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The characters in my book are very interesting, there are 3 main characters. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth. Percy is the son of Poseidon who is a Greek God. A powerful God who rules over all the oceans and everything in them. Then there is Percy's best friend Grover, is a Satyr, that is someone who is half horse & half man. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena who is a Greek Goddess.There are other important characters as well in the story like Percy's mom, or the other Gods. Percys personality in the beginning of the book is best described as shyness or acts like he doesn't care, but over the book he expands out of that stage and becomes more outgoing and courageous. Grover is fearless, he has to be because he is Percys protector. But …show more content…

3 person is where or who he is talking about. The order of the book is in present time. They use the same states and capitals as present time. In the end they go to the Hollywood sign in California. They go to Las Vegas and Tennessee. They also go to Michigan in the beginning of the book. The author decided to write the book this way because he wanted to foreshadow you in ways. The way he did this was to make the chapters blend with each other or to mix and make good chapters and a good book. Also the reason why he makes it all blend is because when you write or make a story or book, it doesn't just jump to one event to the next. But the author does the exact opposite. 1. Outgoing, Deno- Someone has a big personality Cono- Clever, Brave, Carefree 2. Bloodshot, Deno- Something bloody Cono- Red, Inflamed 3. Miserable, Deno- Unhappy person Cono- Wretched, Discomfort, 4.Smuggle, Deno- To steal or take something Cono- Steal, Lie, Cheat 5. Poking, Deno- To hit someone with index finger Cono- Poke, Hit, 6. Metamorphosis, Deno- To take shape in someones form Cono- Morph, Mold, Shape 7. Brisket, Deno- A piece of meat from a cow. Cono- Cow, Meat, Food, Bloody 8. Silhouetted, Deno- To be in a profile picture of your

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