The Lord of the Rings by H.R. Tolkien: The Fellowship of the Ring

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The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring The story starts out with a brief description of Bilbo's journeys in the pervious story, the
Hobbit. Now back to the present, it is Bilbo's 111st birthday and all of the hobbits are trading stories about. Bilbo's life. He is seen as a very mysterious hobbit, the neighbors have witnessed strange creatures such as dwarves and elves visit Bilbo several times. The week before Bilbo's big birthday bash is a crazy one. When the party arrives it is one of the greatest parties ever.
Gandalf himself has come and is doing his fancy firework show. When Bilbo gives his speech he mentions that he will be leaving for good. Then he proceeds to put on a ring and turn invisible.
The ring he puts on is a magic ring that he stole from Gollum on his journey in the Hobbit.
He leaves and entrusts the ring to his heir, Frodo Baggins. Gandalf gets worried after Bilbo tells him about his disappearing act. Once Bilbo leaves, Gandalf warns Frodo to never use the ring. Gandalf leaves and is not seen for a while. While Gandalf is away, evil entities start to stir, but the hobbits pay no attention to them. When Gandalf does finally return he tells Frodo that the ring is actually one of the Rings of Power. To confirm his belief even more, Gandalf throws the ring into the fire. While in the fiery flames, symbols appear on the ring. They are in a different language and Frodo is not able to read them. Gandalf however, gets very

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