The Lost City Radio By Daniel Alarcon

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Lost City Radio Essay The book I am reading is titled “The Lost City Radio” by Daniel Alarcón. He is a Peruvian-American writer from Lima, Peru, but he was raised in the United States. This author’s book was published in 2007 and was his debut book. The central idea of this book reveals the effects of war on its characters and ultimately the effects of war on communities and countries on the whole. As the author sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the main characters’ encounters, via flashbacks, their war induced flaws are unmasked; the people around them are affected as well, infected with fear, memory loss, and indifference to one another’s plight. There is something very complicated about the effects of war and Alarcón exposes the problems to help readers think about the questions and solutions, if they choose. I was able to pinpoint two characters flaws categorically; Norma and Victor both exhibit issues with identity and dislocation because of the war. Norma is a withdrawn character, and as her name suggests, normal. She is not enthusiastic or emotionless on any particular issue, nor does she have any individual interests in daily life, she stays middle ground. She is a loner with no friends, no children, no pets, but most of all no husband, which is the crust of her dissociative existence. Norma lost her husband, Rey, in the unnamed war, of the unnamed country, in the unnamed city, and she is lost without him. Even after ten years has passed, she is still

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