The Lottery: A Short Story

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It was the morning of June 27th, ten years after Tessie Hutchinson was stoned to death. So much had happened during this decade after her death. Horace Dunbar was stoned last year, and Mrs. Graves the year before. The village now consisted of about 500 citizens, and with the village growing every year the lottery became more and more necessary for the town to prosper. But still people doubted the value of the lottery and tried to preclude it. Back when the year Tessie was stoned, the Adams were talking about how other towns were giving up the lottery. Every year there were a larger amount of people opposing the lottery. Today the opposers were all in one large group, holding up signs and protesting. The group consisted of roughly a quarter …show more content…

Summers kept calling out names, and after awhile he had gone through the whole list. After that, there was a long pause, until Mr. Summers, holding his slip of paper tightly in the air, said, “All right, folks, we have gone through the whole list.” All the slips of paper were opened, and immediately after everyone started murmuring, asking who received the slip of paper that wasn’t …show more content…

Summers who had gotten it. Mr. Summers cunningly ran off the podium in which he was standing, making sure no one saw him. He didn’t want the citizens to know that he had gotten the slip of paper that wasn’t blank. He stuffed the slip into his pocket and continued running, going between buildings, over people’s fences, and through the parks. Back at the town center, there was mass confusion. People were fighting over that the lottery demonstrators might have done something, and the protesters fought back saying that they did not do anything. Then Bill Hutchinson noticed something very odd. “Hey, everyone! Quiet down, quiet down.” It took a moment until it was completely silent. The crowd waited for Mr. Hutchinson to say something. “I noticed something quite peculiar,” said Bill. “Has anyone seen Mr. Summers?” There was a brief murmur as the crowd realized what had just happened. “OK. I think we should all look for that terrible, terrible cheater,” said Bill. As the crowd approved of it, they broke off and looked for Mr.

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