The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Senay Asehun
Ms. McAlister
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2 February 2016 The Lottery
A wise Roman poet once said “Things are not as they seem; the first appearance deceives many.” This quote gave emphasis to the natures of a barbaric ritual called a Lottery. Lotteries weren’t always about power balls and millions of dollars. A well-known author of short stories, Shirley Jackson brought light to this in her story “The Lottery”. As readers learn, the lottery is a ritual where a citizen of the town is chosen at random and persecuted. This not only shows how society negatively influences people blindly, but at random as well. Jackson wrote this story to inform people of the way we live, and how society can change very fast without warning. By illustrating how the town turned on Tessie after she drew the wrong slip of paper, she gave a Segway to the way people think and how things are not as they seem. In her story “The Lottery,” Jackson apparently uses normal details about the setting and the town’s people to characterize her theme that although society states to be civilized, and may appear so, it is inherently cruel.
Through her use of setting, which on the surface appears to be light-hearted and commonplace, Jackson masks the shock and horror of the story’s ending. For instance, Jackson uses imagery to divert the reader’s attention to the normality’s of the town. By doing so, the reader focuses on something nice and bright

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