The Magic Of Nature By William Wordsworth

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Name: Abdullah Alnasser Professor: Stephanie Wilhelm Course: LLT 1223 Date: 7 June 2016 The Magic of Nature “She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways" by William Wordsworth Overview: Romanticism and Nature The poem is written in three stanzas, rhymed, and has the characteristics of elegy (it is a lamentation song about someone’s death). It is also a ballad piece that tells part of the story. The poem was written by William when he was on a visit to Germany in 1978 (during the romanticism period). It recounts the death of a lady named Lucy, who died at a young age. To some extent, the narrator sounds to be “celebrating” a girl he admired or a young “maid” since he associates her with natural beauty (Appelbaum 31). The poem is a romantic piece in its writing method and topic. Notably, it is written in a simple way to convey the poet’s personal and emotional state. It also depicts the nature of rural life. William was a romantic poet and nature worshipper, who made significant contribution to the Romantic Movement (Klavan). In most of his poems, he integrates nature to project his emotions and draws the audience’s attention towards its beauty. The poem “She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways" serves two purposes: William wants to project his pensive reflections about the feeling of loss and elevate the status of the lady by praising her unrecognized beauty. Content Analysis Setting In the first stanza, the poetic piece depicts an isolated lonely girl who interacts with few people.
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