The Magnificent Style Of Writing By. B. Dubois

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The Magnificent Style of Writing by W.E.B. Dubois in The Souls of Black Folk. The Souls of Black Folk is an instant classic when it is read, and it was a very important part of literature for black civil rights. The text talks about how blacks were treated in Post-Civil War America, what education they needed, how blacks were not yet Americans, short stories, and Negro Spirituals. The actual text is a collection of thirteen essays, and a short story written by Dubois. The book also contains Negro Spirituals to tell the reader the history of the enslaved people. The first three chapters deal with the history of the Freedmen’s Bureau, and his critical viewpoint of Booker T. Washington. From chapters four through nine he discusses the social stratifications of the blacks. The final chapters of the book talks about the prejudices and racism faced by blacks in America. Dubois’ purpose for writing this book makes white Americans realize injustice is happening in the country while they are idly going on about their lives. He is showing them that he can be equal to whites because he got an education and he can write as well as the educated whites, if not better. He is showing them that even though he is black he can write long complex sentences and use very formal language. He uses very formal diction and his style is argumentative. This text is a very good example of superb literature. When he is writing the text Dubois explores the reasons why he is equal to whites. The

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