How Race Relationships Throughout The Southern Area Of The United States

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In this essay the question as to how race relationships in the southern area of the United States can be understood as social facts and further this essay will illuminate if being of black skin colour in the southern area of the United States can be regarded as pathological in respect to Durkheim’s sociological views.
Firstly one needs to define the two concepts at hand, namely (a) social facts by Durkheim and secondly, (b) pathological by Durkheim.
In regards to (a) social facts, Durkheim refers to ideas, values and concepts that a society has developed over time and where each individual within this society shares. These ideas, values and concepts develop into behavioural patterns among the society and ultimately reach a point where …show more content…

Throughout the second chapter of DuBois book The Souls of Black Folk, the author goes deeper into relations between white and black people, he describes their daily interactions, it is important to notice here that these encounters between the two races always have been under the control of white people and that the blacks have at all times been under white rule, which left the suppressed people, the black folk, extremely vulnerable to violence and a slave like environment still exists although slavery had been abolished years ago. The interactions and relations between white and black extend further than in previous years whilst slavery still existed, the interactions and relations now extend into a political and economic level as too previously it was illegal for blacks to own anything. Now there are wealthy white and black families or entities yet the wealthy ones do not interact and live apart geographically, whilst the poor population, white or black, lives in the immediate vicinity. It is very evident to DuBois that there was a development of social facts that occurred throughout the time, black people identified themselves as lesser and subordinate to white people and this social fact delegated the social interactions in the time, for example the fact that almost every black person in the

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