The Main Causes And Effects Of Ethnic And Racial Discrimination

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The Main Causes and Some Effects of Ethnic and Racial Discrimination
Despite continued government, school, and media campaigns that celebrate diversity and criticize various types of appearance and culture-based prejudice, one of the main problems in the campus is still racial and ethnic discrimination. Discrimination can be as blatant as racial or ethnic slurs or as covert as the systematic hindrances to social, economic, and political opportunities, such as being denied of being part of an organization because of one’s ethnicity. Divisions across races and ethnicities run deep due to historical social beliefs and attitudes surrounding race and ethnicity, including physical characteristics, perceived attitudes of certain groups, as well as cultural beliefs and practices. While the causes of these forms of discrimination are numerous, the most common are lack of interaction across cultural groups, fear of differences, and racism; moreover, due to discrimination, the target groups may experience anxiety and fear.
Racial and ethnic discrimination can arise owing to non-existent or poor interactions between different groups that lead to misconceptions about each other’s cultural differences and neglect of crucial cultural similarities. Many people who discriminate have not even personally interacted with the targets of their hatred. If
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Negative emotions due to discrimination can have negative effects on school standing and socialization. As long as the roots of discrimination persist, many people will feel the brunt of being seen and treated as the inferior class, a condition that no one deserves. Being different should not be a cause for stigma but a reason to celebrate for being diverse is being human and we should celebrate all forms of
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