The Main Causes Of The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War altered greatly altered the political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies. In terms of politics, England suddenly began to get too involved in the well-being of the colonies and soon started to tax them heavily and impose new, unjust laws. Not only did these laws and taxes weaken the political relations amongst the two nations but they also weakened the economic relations as well. In terms of ideological relations, all the strife that was going on with the unreasonable taxes and unfair laws was causing growing resentment and mistrust in Britain. This tension then built up and later became one of the main factors for causing the American Revolution.
Starting in 1754, the French and Indian War was a war between the English colonies and those of New France. The main cause of this war was the dispute over several areas of land and who had rightful ownership of them. The Ohio River Valley was a pinnacle area of land that caused the most dispute. Originally inhabited by Native Americans, the Ohio River Valley was an oasis of natural resources. It was heavily coveted by both the French and the English. Before the war, the French had seized control of it which angered the English and is one of the initial causes of the war. At that time, both the British and the French were in a race to expand their territories as far as they could too see which nation could have the most power. The title of the war being The

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