The Main Effects Of The Reichstag Fire

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Which was more important to Hitler, the Reichstag Fire or the Enabling Act? Both the Reichstag Fire and the Enabling Act contributed to Hitler becoming “Der Fuhrer”. Though would the Enabling Act have been attainable if it were not for the Reichstag fire? I doubt many of the events that followed the fire would’ve occurred if the Reichstag building was still intact. Ergo, I believe that the fire was more important to Hitler. Throughout this essay I will look at the effects of both events - analysing supporting evidence - to evaluate how they impacted Hitler. The main effects of the Reichstag fire are the following: it created a state of emergency, it made enemies of the Communists and increased support for the Nazis. The main effects of the Enabling act are the following: it transformed the democracy into a dictatorship, it allowed Hitler to ban all other political parties and enforced terror and censorship. Either the Nazis were extremely lucky and Lubbe started the Reichstag Fire on the night of February 29th, 1933, or they staged the fire themselves. Nevertheless, the burning of the building provided Hitler with the perfect opportunity to declare a state of emergency so he could use Article 48. (A law under the Weimar constitution, which, in the case of an emergency, would allow him to pass any new laws without consulting the Reichstag). Hitler used Article 48 to introduce the Reichstag Fire Decree and the Enabling Act. The cartoon “The Red Peril”1 by British cartoonist
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