The Main Factors Of The Democratic Breakdowns And Which Are The Factors That Affect The Political System?

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To explain the different approaches to the democratic breakdowns and which are the factors that enlighten this phenomenon it is been highly important in the comparative literature, because it allows us to observe and give reasons about the different process of the countries in their political development. One of the question that we must answer for this week reading is: One of the classic accounts of democratic breakdown, by Juan Linz, argues that “Breakdown is the result of processes initiated by the government’s incapacity to solve problems for which the disloyal oppositions offer themselves as a solution.” Based on this week’s readings and your knowledge of cases, do you agree? My primary approach to this is that I am partially agree …show more content…

This is the main reason why the people start to create private association activities to find solutions to the issues that the state cannot resolve (Berman, 1997). I think this I the central reason why the Weimar Republic fails, with a weak government the civil society was forced to developed itself for achieving particular wellbeing, the state was the organization which does not create the conditions to work united. I think this argument is more coherent because includes the economic influences. If the economy is weak in a country is related to decisions made by the government. Even though we live in a time where the idea of free market and capitalism is highly applied by states, it is also truth that the states have an influential role in the economy, choosing policies that improve or decrease their economic growth. Even further, institutions are created to “reduce uncertainty by stablishing a stable (but not necessarily efficient) structure to human interaction” (North, 1990, p. 6), thus economic interaction is also a kind of behavior that must be regulated by the state through institutions which “are the humanly devised constraints” (North, 1990, p.3), thus if they are not working correctly in the economic, social, political realm is more likely to have a democracy breakdown. I think in this direction we must to understand the argument of Slater, Smith & Nair (2014) remark that the bureaucracy which

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