The Growth Of Democracy And Emergence Of Political Parties

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1.There were many causes for the growth of democracy and emergence of political parties in early 19th century. To begin with, the expansion of franchise was instrumental in the growth of democracy. This occurred because certain legislatures laid back on their policies regarding who was allowed to vote. Many states started to increase white male suffrage, starting with Maryland, Indiana in 1816, Illinois in 1818, and Alabama in 1819. By the mid 1820s majority of the states had expanding voting rights to all white men, or all that paid their taxes. This is a short term cause of the growth of democracy. A long term cause of the growth of democracy was the American Revolution. The revolution helped weaken the elite power at the top of society. Unfortunately, few states gave votes to all taxpayer which resulted in lower classes to defer to those of higher status. Notables were able to dominate politics which kept the “common man” from seeking office. This problem would be solved later on when states started to let all white men vote for their leaders. As we can see the American Revolution helped the weak the elite stronghold on society which allowed for the growth of democracy, as eventually the other classes would get more involved in the political system. A short term cause of the emergence of political parties was Martin Van Buren. He was a former member of a local gentry family who decided to break away in fear of becoming just another “tool” of theirs. Instead he rejected…
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