The Main Function Of A School

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It is known that the main function of a school is to educate the student and make sure that the student is prepared for the “real world”. This “real world” can be viewed as the adult life, meaning that the student is able to live by themselves, and able to support oneself. But before that, the student must, if they choose, enter into a school after their high school to further their education in preparation for being able to live fully in the “real world”. In order to be admitted into any school, they must appeal to the school in order to be accepted. In this current time, the majority of the schools look for one major aspect in the student, individuality. They want to see if that student is unique and not one who can blend into the rest of the students. Although the schools do a fine job in preparing the students to be able to fly on their own, they lack in the individuality aspect. It is true that they proclaim the idea of individuality, but in reality, they do not fully encourage it into the student’s daily life. Forcing each student to attend a certain amount of years in order to allow them to carry on to university further prohibits each student to show their differences that stand out. Furthermore, most teachers, in their practice, enforce a single method to completing a task, and would discourage students from thinking of different methods to reach the same conclusion, even if the the student-made method is a better one. It is also seen that schools encourage the
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