The Main Reason For Having A Hospital System

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The main reason for having a hospital system is common sense, first and foremost is patient care. A close second is to make money. Most people visit a hospital to get help with managing pain, to learn about medication side-effects, or for disease treatment. Patient care deals with every aspect of the healthcare system. It starts when they walk in the door, either at the clinic, the emergency room, a doctor’s office, or the admissions office. Patient care is what makes the business run. The better a patient is cared for the better the likelihood of them returning when needed or even bringing a family member here that needs medical care. There are several options for different hospitals within a 50 mile radius of TRMC and we have to…show more content…
From the moment you come through our doors, our goal is to help you achieve your best possible outcome. Our Promise: We believe keeping a promise is as important as making it, and we promise to honor our core values of integrity, personal accountability and commitment to excellence. We pledge to be there when you need us to provide expert medical services and compassionate care using advanced technology. Your Care: We believe in serving the heart of northeast Texas. Our physicians, providers, nurses and staff are united in their passion and vision to deliver patient-focused care. If you 're looking for preventative and wellness care or require medical, surgical or trauma services, Titus Regional Medical Center is here for you. In order for this organization to be successful, as with any organization, great leadership is key. TRMC has several satellite clinics that need great managers to ensure proper patient care and that they are getting reimbursed the correct amounts. The clinic manager needs to make sure that the providers are charging for the correct visit level and also needs to make sure the registration desk is collecting and verifying insurance to ensure proper payment is being made. Without proper payment the clinic would be unsuccessful and patient care would falter. The
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