The Majestic Analysis

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Student # 7th hour Mrs.Stone Have you ever been in a situation in which your morals are being challenged and you must stand for what you believe in? Or even when it seems that you should be doing something different, but you must fight to stay true to who you are. Well, in the movie The Majestic directed by Frank Darabont the main character, Peter Appleton played by Jim Carrey, has a luxurious life of movie making and all seems well. Until he is convicted of being a communist, his life starts to fall into shambles. One night he crashes his car and loses his memory, later he is found near a small town and mistaken for a long lost World War 2 soldier. Then his two lives collide and he must stand trial for crimes he did not knowingly commit, this is when he must stand for what is right and true. Now ask yourself, would you in Peter’s position stand strong or just go with the flow? If I was put in Peter’s position at this moment I can confidently say that I would stand my ground and hold true to my…show more content…
to run or swim is worth the reward. When I know full well that other kids my age stay out late and then sleep in late. This requires strict rules I have to set for myself and determination to follow these guidelines. Moreover I must be willing to sacrifice my own time, and my family’s time to pursue these dreams. Similarly Peter, by admitting the truth, had to be willing to give up his old convenient life and reach for a better one. This will eventually, through hard work, pay off and you will see results. Such as lowering your time in an event, or memorizing information for school. All of this may be over time or in Peter’s case in just one seconds decision to stand up for what is right, but no matter the case you must push on. So every morning that I rise with the sun, I must stand (literally) for what I hope to accomplish. In like manner of Peter, who stood for freedom and truth, I continue to persevere my
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