The Major Cause And Causes Of Divorce

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Divorce is a choice of couples to terminate their marriage, of course, it has its causes. The most common reasons why couples want a divorce are: Lack of Commitment (according to researchers, 73% of couples say that it is major cause) Too much Arguing (56%) Infidelity (55%) Lack of Equality (44%) Lack of Preparation for Marriage (41%) Abuse (29%)
Divorce is a genuine tragedy. It often leaves the married couple embittered and financially poorer. When married couples have children, the children are the most affected when their parents separate. Divorce serves as a hindrance for the children to feel love and security of a complete family and deprive those good role models (parents) for their own future marriages. Children from families where there is conflict and/or divorce is more prone to depression, poor school performance, rebelliousness and law-abiding behaviors. These problems can continue until they become adults. Adult children who came from divorced parents tend to have a life that results to be miserable and unsuccessful because of the pain that cause them when their parents separate.
Parents are needed to be aware in order to be informed by signs of problems in their behavior in their child/children. Being rebellious and violent
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According to researches, divorce is not a solution, but will just cause another problem. When we base these matters in the Bible, it was stated there that God is not in favor of divorce. It was stated in the Old Testament (Malachi 2:16). God believes that marriage should be a lifetime relationship that a man and woman should embrace. But when adultery is proved to be done, divorce can be obtained. It is instituted as a lifelong commitment. According to Old Statement, only a man is allowed to divorce his wife when there are indecent things about her, but wives are not allowed to do

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