The Major Causes Of The Indus Valley Civilizations

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Tryphena Jeyakumar
Mr. Salba, 6th period
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August 18, 2017 The development of complex societies in the early days impacted many of the surrounding regions. One of the civilizations that arose with two major complex cities was the Indus Valley civilization. There were many causes that created the first cities of the Indus Valley. They could have been shared cultures or religious similarities that brought the great cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa to life. But the main cause that impacted these cities was because of agricultural purposes. The cause of the successful civilization of the Indus Valley was because of the Agricultural Revolutions, a time in which the early peoples turned to food production and cultivation. As …show more content…

Throughout the world, many other civilizations were able to form complex cities, as if the formation of cities was like a revolution of city making. While the cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were being formed, other civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt were building their own way of life. These civilizations all formed at the same time mainly because of a food surplus from farming. The people figured out how to cultivate crops in one place, so they set their roots there and started a civilization. The Indus Valley was one of many other civilizations to arise during this time …show more content…

The Indus Valley is an area with widespread cultivation lands, and that is why many farmers and other people decided to permanently set their roots here. And because they relied on agriculture, the effect was the development of culture, new technology and even religion. The people of the Indus Valley needed more efficient ways to plant crops, so they developed new technology, and also invented ways to build a strong central community. And since they needed to rely on good weather for the crops, they developed a religion, centering perhaps on an earth mother or a nature deity. Even though the single main cause was because of the expansion of agriculture, the effects are bigger and all stemmed from agricultural

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