The Major Differences Between Democratic, Authoritarian, And Anarchic Political System

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The major differences between democratic, authoritarian, and anarchic political systems are who holds the power, who has freedom/how much, and how much involvement the government has in the workings of its country. For authoritarian states, the power is held mainly by a single person or an elite group of people, few people have freedom, with what freedom they have being limited, and the government, or rather the leader/leaders, is involved in almost every aspect of the country from controlling the economy to making decisions for the lifestyles of its citizens like deciding how many kids they may have or what hair styles are approved. Everything is at the whim of those in charge and can change at any second. Anarchic is the exact opposite of this. In an anarchic government, everyone has power all the power they can take for themselves, nothing is unpermitted as there are no laws and since a government doesn’t exist, it can’t have any involvement in anything. Finally there is the democratic system which is a happy medium between these two extremes. In a democracy, everyone has some power through the right to vote directly or for elected officials who will run the country (who are limited by a constitution of some kind), everyone has freedom within the country’s generally reasonable laws, and government involvement is limited to making laws and regulations within reason to protect its citizens, economy, etc. For example, you would not see a democratic nation forbidding speaking

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