The Man And The Monster

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The Man and The Monster Throughout history, there have been many different myths and folklore about monsters. These stories have been passed down many generations and have managed to survive through time, with very little changes. Monsters were created to warn people about the dangers of the unknown in the world. Many of the Monsters have human qualities, both good and bad, imbedded in their being. The similarities between the human and the monster indicate that humans have the capability to be their own monster. Robert Stevenson story, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, demonstrates perfectly that a person has the capability into becoming a monster to society in the story. Despite Dr. Jekyll being a wealthy esteemed member of society, he still became Mr. Hyde, a monster. The undeniable shared characteristics between humans and monsters support the idea that humans will be the destruction of society, if we don’t conform to society’s norms. In most of myths and folklore, monsters contradict society’s rules and ideas of how things should be. For example, vampires are more sexual and werewolves are more primal. Dr. Jekyll became a monster when he decided to be different from society. Mr. Hyde was created because Dr. Jekyll wanted to do something unknown to society. What qualities did Mr. Hyde have that made him a monster? “Scholars who study monstrosity broadly agree that a monster is something existing near or outside the farthest outlier of acceptable human

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