The Man From A Peddler 's Family

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Disagreements Turn Into Agreements
People disagree often when it comes to politics. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Some of us choose to voice our opinions, while others keep their opinions to themselves. The relationship between Zhu Yanda (Zhu) and Gao in “The Man from a Peddler’s family,” shows a very typical disagreement on politics.
Not only is this story about politics, there are also hidden themes throughout that are not easily discernable by some. One of those hidden themes is friendship and effects the relationship has on the process of changing one party’s original opinion. Both Gao and Zhu see the world differently, yet despite their differences they still remain friends. One follows all the rules of the government, and the other walks to the beat of his own drum when it comes to politics. It is the difference of opinions we have that keeps the world running smoothly. Our difference of opinions is what makes us grow, and sometimes we change our opinions for the better. When we disagree and argue we make one another better people making one another see outside their box. These two characters grow and change by the end of the story by showing each other a different view on government. They both end up understanding the other person’s point of view. This story displays political themes and themes about friendship, disagreements, and changing of friend’s opinions.
The Man from a Peddler’s Family,” is about capitalism versus socialism/Communism. This short

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