The Man Who Down The Dirt

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There was dust spread through the air after the boulder slammed to the dirt in the yard. The man who dropped the boulder from his crane like vehicle bolted out of the vehicle making sure everyone was ok. Thank God, everyone was fine. The man put his thick grey jacket over his flashing yellow vest. He took off his bright orange helmet, and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He yelled out to his employee’s “Call it a day folks. Everyone go home to your friends, and family!”. Some of his employees, sprinted for their cars. Other stayed back talked to the man who dropped the bolder, James. James, after everyone, left went to his car, and unlaced his old, sweaty, tanish looking sketcher boots, and put them in the trunk of his Toyota Camry. He …show more content…

James got back into his Camry, and sat with his hands in his face. He left his phone at home so he can’t listen to his downloaded music or call anyone. James also tried using his radio, but of course the only station working was the station that played the most ghetto music in which he hated. So James sat that there bored out of his mind. He thought about what his parents, and brothers would do during long road trips to keep themselves occupied. James remembered, and said to himself ,“Restate the past, but remember only the good things”. James’s eyes started watering, and then one small, salty tear dripped down his face.
James’s Dad passed away about 19 years ago. His 2 older brothers died about 12 years ago in a drunk driving accident; they were in the same car driving home from an open house party. His mother was the real reason why James was crying though. She died four and a half years ago due to too much smoking. James was on his knees next to his mother in the hospital. He was holding her hand when she passed away.
After James’s first tear he couldn’t help, but cry more thinking about his childhood. The birthdays, the dinners, and the laughs he had with his family he knew he could have no more of with those people. He instantly was infuriated. All of the bad memories filled his head, like water flowing through the colorado rapids. He started getting physical; he tried punching through the horn, and glass window. He started getting

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