The Man Who Was Almost A Man Short Story

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n every story there is a cause and effect relationship that takes place with the main characters. In the story “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” Dave didn’t think that he was being treated with enough respect, which causes him to buy a gun for himself. The whole story starts off with a dispute in the fields where Dave works and because he is only seventeen, Dave believes that he should be treated as an adult. Dave was ruled by powerlessness and fear, he thought that buying a gun would bring him to the top of the food chain but instead it turned his whole life upside down.

Dave was done being treated like a kid and he wanted to be a man just like his dad. He thought of the most adult thing to do, which is own a gun, so he sets off to buy one. Dave thinking about buying the gun is what sets off the series of events that would change his life. Dave wanted to keep the purchase away from Mrs. Saunders because he knew that Mr. Saunders would never let him buy a gun. Dave decides to go behind Mr. Saunders back and buy the gun. Later in the fields he takes out the gun to admire the beauty of it. While he was idolising the gun he achieves the courage to hold it out and fire it. When Dave fired it he didn't take aim and accidentally shot and killed Jenny the mule. Dave didn't know where to go or what to do with a dead mule carcass so he just leaves her on the ground. Eventually his workers find the dead Jenny and his boss said, that he would have to work off the money it costs to

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