The Management Plan For A New Employee

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Every place of employment has standards when going through the hiring process. The new employee of nursing in the hospital/home health and HIPAA is who we are going to focus on. The Veterans Hospital is no different in having a process. Most companies have to develop risk management tools to assist in their safety as well as the employee and we call it: employee training. Within this title, or umbrella, we have several subtitles of items that deal with training or having the credentials for the new employees to reduce risks for everyone.
The focus of this risk management plan for nursing of a new employee on HIPAA is to provide an ongoing, extensive, and precise approach to reducing risk vulnerability of HIPPA regulations. The risk …show more content…

With telework the VA goes through a PIV verification and frequent password codes of every three months and mandatory updates. Mobile use is also used as a life line for clarifications and verifications. With this also comes the urge of taking pictures of a patient, texting something that shouldn’t and leaving messages on machines that do not belong to that patient leaving secured information. Also with new fax machines that copy and fax electronically without even printing a single paper we depend on a confirmation sheet that it was delivered to the correct person.
With mobile phones, per VA policy, consent must be obtained first before getting pictures and verbal recordings. With electronic faxes, release of Information must still be obtained. Staff must use the ROI Plus software to track the accounting of disclosures. A coversheet must still be used as in normal fax use. Information on drug, alcohol, HIV, or sickle cell anemia status may not be transmitted by fax machine, unless the transmittal is directed to medical personnel to the extent necessary to meet criteria of a medical emergency (Shulkin, 2016). Personal information should never be written on the first cover sheet. The comparisons with all the regulations during trainings are correct and maintained. It

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