The Manager And Operator At All Cities Security Services At The City Of Gardena

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Witness Moujahid maintained he was the owner and operator at All Cities Security Services at his office is located in a residential neighborhood in the City of Gardena. He maintained not to discuss the manpower of his business or whether his security guards were either armed or unarmed uniformed or non-uniformed personnel. He did maintain that his security guard company was established in 2002. At the time of the interview, Moujahid continually repeated he did not have the contract which he had had assured us to provide accurate dates of when he had serviced the insured, and the services agreed on. He maintained he would be able to provide this information by contacting the investigator over the weekend as he had forgotten to bring the paperwork with him. Moujahid recalled servicing the insured with his services throughout last year in 2015 and claimed his company had serviced the insured before about five years ago before the company called him back for his guard services in in 2015. He said the 2015 contract expired because the company, Monico Alloy’s was having financial difficulty and was on a work-slow-down. Moujahid refused to elaborate on the insured 's financial status soon after he had mentioned the financial status of the company and was afraid to elaborate further on this matter. He said his company serviced the insured between seven to eight months before the contract expired in March 2015. He again did not have the exact dates of when the contracted and

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