The Manhattan Project Lifesaver Or Life Destroyer Essay

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The Manhattan Project Lifesaver or Life Destroyer Going throughout history and the mistakes we have made throughout, you would think back and say if we did the right thing or if we have made a huge mistake. In this case it is the Manhattan Project. This project was first time the atomic bomb was introduced. It was led by General Leslie Groves and the research was directed by American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer. Most of the people who worked on this project were not told what they were working on, but only told what to do. In this case, was it right to lie to the people working on this project, was it necessary not to tell the U.S. community, and was it necessary to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The Manhattan Project was necessary for certain things, but not all. As human beings, we tend to lie to people. Whether it be to your parents, friends, or school teachers. It is just a thing we do to keep ourselves from getting in trouble. When working on the Manhattan Project, certain people were not told what the project is. Others were told but were not allowed to tell anyone else. This was because they did not want the US community to know. They didn’t know what type of response they would get. If you put yourself in one of the workers shoes and then realized what you have been working on, you would feel so bad because you created a weapon of
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destruction. Not only that but you also took part in a project that killed millions. This is how most people felt
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