The Market Status Of The Bottled Water Industry

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Executive Summary Here at Waters Bottling Company we like to keep employees and executives informed about different ways we conduct our business. In this summary we will be looking at the current market status in the bottled water industry which will include the market summary. This study is important and will show us our strength, weakness and opportunities and to view threats if any by other competitors. This will help us in the market to target different markets to see if any positioning strategies which include promotional activities and grasping the formulas and maintaining our firm relationship with the consumers and our business partners. The Waters Bottled Water Company will work with the BCG to help to track…show more content…
The cash cows are a strong leader in the market. This is you where you get return on your assets which are larger than the market growth. The cash that is make with the cash cow needs to extract from profits with as little cash investment. Company Profile The Waters bottled water will always consider our drinking water the main product of our industry. We are always looking to the future to add new products such as vitamin water and sport drinks to our assembly process. Our company now is recognized as a producer of our spring, mineral and purified water products. In recent month we have made changes in our packaging. We have introduced our new pack size of 24 16.9 fluid ounce bottles and our new .25 liter bottle that are available for our customers to purchases. These changes not only added to the range within Waters but also complement the existing traditional products in order to satisfy the changing demands of the market. The Waters Bottling Company is always looking for better ways to be environmentally friendly. This is why we offer both polyethylene terephthalate lightweight 50% less plastic which is recyclable. We are environmentally responsible from end to end. As a water bottling company, we can offer direct to user pricing without any middlemen. We provide fast turnarounds with a wide selection of water and bottle types.
Supply and Demand
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