The Marriage Of Dougall, The Trial Court's Court

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In regarding the Marriage of Dougall, appellant Richard Dougall appeals the trial court’s denial of his motion for reconsideration challenging their post-dissolution-decree order of spousal maintenance arrearages to appellee Myrna Dougall. He argues that Arizona Revised Statute 25-530 prevents the court from considering Veterans Administration (VA) disability benefits as income when calculating and determining the payment of arrearages of an award of spousal maintenance. A Brief History of the Case: In Re the Marriage of Richard S. Dougall, Petitioner/Appellant, and Myrna R. Dougall, Respondent/Appellee The marriage between the two parties involved (Richard S. Dougall and Myrna R. Dougall) was dissolved in 2008 with the dissolution decree ordering Richard to pay Myrna $750 per month in spousal maintenance. Each of the two parties was also awarded one half interest in two parcels of property. Richard was ordered by the court to obtain appraisals and pay a fair share of the equity (as designated by the court’s property division assessment) to Myrna. In 2011, the court entered two judgments against Richard for failing to comply with obligations set down in the court order. A $5,000 judgment represented Myrna’s interest in one of the properties. The second judgment for $4,745 represented spousal maintenance arrearages. The court also reduced Richard’s spousal maintenance obligation to $500 per month effective August 2011. In August 2012, Myrna filed a petition to enforce the

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