The Marxist Approach On Understanding And Explaining Crime

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HAS 262 Explaining Crime

Essay Plan

Question/topic chosen

The question in which I have chosen for this assignment is:

‘Critically analyse the Marxist approach to understanding and explaining crime’

Why did you choose this topic?

I was first originally pressed to this topic not only because am I completing a bachelor of social science to major in criminology but I am also completing a major in sociology. So far in sociology we have learnt about Karl Marx and his contributions to sociology including the theories of dialectical materialism and alienation. Alongside Emilie Durkheim and Max Weber, Marx is perceived as one of the three creators of the social sciences. When exploring my options of questions that were put on offer to us
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3. Eglin, P. and Hester, S., (2013). A sociology of crime. Routledge. Pg. 1-21

In this particular piece of work, Eglin and Hester provide a detailed description of Karl Marx’s distinction between the ‘instrumentalist’ and ‘structuralist’ justifications of the responsibility of the state in capitalist societies.
4. Cowling, M (2011) Can Marxism Make Sense of Crime?, Global Discourse, 2:2, 59-74,
In this journal Cowling explores the many ways in which Marxism has been used to analyze crime. He has presented a summary of the reasonable opportunities in using Marxism to construct awareness of his criminological theory.

Identity and discuss three of the key concepts and/or principles associated with the theory that is central to your chosen question.

• Initially, Marxism emphases on the conflict of three socioeconomic classes:
- The capitalists, who own the income of construction and manipulate the excess labour of others.
- The Bourgeoisie, who hold salaried and management (i.e. middle class) positions.
- The proletariat, who comprise the working class people.

• According the Marx, the capitalist economic structure is sustained by the superstructure of social organisations for example law, education and politics and the criminals were part of the Lumpenproletariat which
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