The Mathematical Concept of Infinity

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The implications of infinity (co) are actualiy not that old. The Greeks were some of the first mathematicians recorded to have imagined the concept of infinity. However, they did not actuaily delve into the entirety of this number. The Greeks used the term “potentially infinite," for the concept of an actual limitless value was beyond their comprehension. The actual term “infinity” was defined by Georg Cantor, a renowned German mathematician, in the late nineteenth century. It was originally used in his Set Theory, which is a very important theory to the mathematical world. The value of infinity can get a bit confusing, as there are different types of infinity. Many claim that infinity is not a number. This is true, but it does have a value. So, infinity may be used in mathematical equations as the greatest possible value. i The value of infinity Infinity (00) is the greatest possibleivalue that can exist. However, there are different infinities that, by logic, are greater than other forms of itself. Here is one example: to the set of ait Naturai numbers Z43, 2, 3, 4,...}, there are an infinite amount of members. This is usualiy noted by Ko, which is the cardinality of the set of alt natural numbers,
Likewise, in the set of ail Real numbers RU, 1.1, 1.11, 1.111,...} there are an infinite amount of members as weli. This sets cardinality is represented by t’ or, as Cantor proved in 1874, N1. it there are an infinite amount of Real values between each of the infinite amount of

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