The Mayan Culture and Mathematics

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Their functions and ability to create a calendar that is far more accurate than the one we currently use today, are often looked upon.
Based on recorded data, the Roman Numeral Arithmetic might be hard to use for addition, division, subtraction and multiplication; but it is not a positional system. They have very few subtractive rules, adding and multiplying is possible, and division includes only with remainders. There is no symbol to represent zero. It was used in Europe until the 18th century, but up to that point, people still used it even till this day, a bar over the symbol indicated that the number was “1000” times greater. The Romans There are basic principles for reading and writing Roman Numerals, but when compared to the Mayan principle, the symbols are easier to comprehend and understand rather than those of the Romans. Roman’s simplicity was only used to represent years, days or even to keep count. It wasn’t meant for extensive addition or mathematics. Conversions from/to Roman Numerals from/to ordinary numbers are simple, but they take a while to convert, mostly because of the way the symbols are lined up to be.
Mayan numerals on the other hand differ from those of the Romans, simply because unlike no other numerical system, they used up…

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