The Maze Runner

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In The Maze Runner the opening scene sets the feel of the entire movie, creating an atmosphere full of tension and the unknown. This is common for the director, Wes Ball but he constructs an urban, post apocalyptic aspect to the common thriller to differentiate it from the rest. It stars the handsome Dylan ‘O'Brien who is prominently known for his role as Stiles in Teen Wolf, meaning his die hard fan base helped boost the box office. His glamorous award winning co-star, Kaya Scodelario, gave the movie a great plot twist meanwhile gracing the crowd goers with her radiant beauty.The Maze Runner is by far a Suspenseful expose thought provoking film. A basic plot line is that teenager wakes up in an elevator with no memory of who he is, once…show more content…
Thomas’ frayed and lank clothes convey the fact that all clothes are handmade and made by the boys. Simonetta sits with the cast to design clothes that would suit their personality and then creates mood boards to achieve the best designs that comply with the directors wants. The writers, Noah Oppenheim and Grant Pierce Myers convey the theme of teamwork and resilience. The film was very entertaining meanwhile awarding many life lessons and messages to the viewer. The soundtrack was composed by John Paesano which was a great choice as he has composed music for many major films such as The Hunger Games and Insurgent. Both the Maze Runner and The Hunger Games have a dystopian theme so i think choosing John was a very favorable choice, he brilliantly adds tension and suspense with his prodigious tracks. Director, Wes Ball, was in charge of casting and firstly overlooked ‘O’Brien due to his ‘Teen Wolf’ hair. Fox then suggested a actor that would be perfect for the role and that person was infact Dylan ‘O’Brien. He now had a shaved head due to his filming in The Internship and fitted the young character very well and he chose ‘O’Brien as he was the perfect
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