Pan's Labyrinth

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Pans labyrinth is an intense movie of a young girl struggles to break free of the restraints of being a child and the cruelties of living through Spanish fascism. Pans labyrinth is anything but your ordinary ‘time filling’ movie. It has great depth and an intricate web of occult and archetypal symbols. Guillermo del Toro, the director, does not shy away from exposing the harshness of reality and the intertwined fantasy. This one of a kind movie gives you a rare moment to see the world with a different light. You begin to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and life. It brings up the question of have people living in the materialistic world of the 21st century lost sight of what is real. The movie’s compelling storyline, rich…show more content…
The faun has demanded Ofelia bring her baby brother to the labyrinth. The faun then asks Ofelia to hand over her brother, so he can take a few drops of blood from the innocent child to complete the initiation. Ofelia refuses to handover her brother for fear of what might happen to him. In the meantime, Vidal has found Ofelia but cannot see the faun and thinks Ofelia is talking to herself. Sergi Lopez does justice to the sadistic monster he is playing, as he takes the baby from Ofelia and shoots her dead, you can see his disgust for the child he just killed. As she falls to the ground Ofelia’s blood trickles down into the labyrinth thus completing the final task: self sacrifice. Pans labyrinth leaves the viewer with so many questions only answered only by self-interpretation. Was Ofelias soul really one of a long lost princess of the underworld or did she create this fantasy world to escape traumatic times in her life. Del toro uses archetypal symbols to depict the hardships and brutality of Fascism through the eyes of a little girl struggling to understand how un-just life and that age is not barrier to
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