The Maze In The Maze Runner

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The maze in the Maze Runner was made to test the Gladers. They were being tested for the real world which had the Flare. The Maze is surrounding a place called the Glade. The Glade is where the Gladers live. Inside the maze there were monsters called grievers. If one got stung by a griever, they would experience “the changing”. “The changing” is when you get some memories of your past back, but once one goes through this change, they are never the same. The only way one survives the sting of a griever is to get grief serum. The reason the maze was built was to find the strongest people. They were picking out the most fit of mind and of body. It was survival of the fittest. They needed the strongest so they could see who could survive in the real world. If they were weak WICKED would let them die. The Maze consists of…show more content…
When he came, people got stung during the day which almost never happened. If someone got stuck in the Maze during the night, there was no doubt they would die. However when Thomas got stuck in the maze at night, he was the first person to survive. Several days later the Maze doors did not shut overnight, which allowed the grievers getting out in the glade. This caused destruction and death to the Gladers and their home. The grievers came out killing at least one person every night. Because of this, the Gladers needed to find a way out of the maze quickly, so more would not die. Not everybody in the group agreed that they should leave the Glade. The people that did not want to go stayed and tried to convince the others to stay, but realized it would not change their mind. The Gladers that decided to leave were preparing for their mission to leave the Maze. They gathered as many weapons as they could take. Spears were made out of wooden poles, and chunks of broken glass were put on old shovels by duck tape. Even barbed wire was used to make more weapons. Their army was
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