The Meaning Of Modernism And Post-Impressionism In Western Art

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The modernism period was a time for art to search for a new form of expression. It was a movement in western art which had develops in the middle of the 19th century and tried to capture the pictures and sensibilities of the age. Modernism art expand way beyond simply dealing with the present and involves the critical examination from the artist masterpieces. Modernism advance a era of testing in the arts from the mid 19th to the mid-20th century, coming after World War I. in the era where it was characterized by industrialization, being advanced in science which lead to society changes. Postmodernism started in the late 20th century. It’s characterized as a “general suspicion of reason” The Post-Impressionism, in Western art, movement in France that symbolize both an addition of Impressionism and a negative response of the styles inherent restrictions. The meaning of Post-Impressionism was started by the English art critics. A lot of painters had started as Impressionists meaning all of them had deserted the style, on the other hand, to shape their own personal art. Impressionism was found, in a strict sense, on the the nature of the effects of color and light. The Post-Impressionists discarded this limited aim in favor of more motivated expression, declare their debt, yet, to the pure, brilliant colors of Impressionism, there is now freedom from the traditional subject of matter, and the techniques of wondering the meaning of forms with short brushstrokes of busted

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