The Meaning Of My Grandma

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Growing up all the way across the country from my Grandma, there has been one phrase that she repeatedly says and has been stuck in my head for years. Whenever someone complains, or when there’s a bad situation, she always would say “it is what it is”. To me this phrase has a great deal of meanings and has always been words I live by. This phrase also has most likely been instilled in me because I look up to my Grandma more than anyone else, and I see her a very wise woman. The meaning of this phrase my grandma uses, to me means that no matter what happens, it happened, and it’s time to move on from whichever situation occurred. From something as simple to getting the wrong food order at a restaurant, to your dog passing away. When an event happens, it happens, and there is no way to reverse time and change what happened. She knows it’s hard obviously when a major event happens, but the only way to get over it is by letting life go on eventually. She inspires me to have the most positive outlook on life, and has been the one who has made me extremely optimistic. By saying, “it is what it is”, it means to me, to be satisfied in the moment and not complain about the little things. It’s easy to complain about being hot or cold, getting the wrong drink at the coffee stand, or having so much homework, but in the broad spectrum those are the smallest problems to have. She taught me to have gratitude because she made me realized how privileged I am, and it helps me to give back

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