The Meaning Of My Identity : My Life Of Nickolas

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Names are interesting because we can see them as a way to describe the person they are attached to; however, I feel that my name says more about the people in my life who are saying it. Sebastian is a complex name, more in meaning than spelling, though the spelling still catches people up from time to time. In Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, there is a mural of Saint Sebastian. He is the patron saint of athletes and archers, tying into the story of how he was tied to a stake and shot with arrows. When my mother saw this mural standing in a museum, at only 10 years old she decided that my name would be Sebastian. What does your name say when it’s not your name? Or when your family refuses to accept your name? When I was born and promptly named Sebastian, not everyone in my family liked the name. Though my grandmother’s actions were unwarranted. Instead of accepting that the name of the child is the decision of the parents, she took it into her own hands. For the first year of my life she called me Nickolas. I find it strange that it’s a name so vastly different from Sebastian, and I think it says a lot about who she is. She never liked me very much to begin with though I think her impromptu renaming showed how eager she was to strip me of my identity. Your name is your identity and if someone changes that or takes it from you they have taken or changed your identity. My grandfather was no different. However, instead of calling me by a different name, he told my mother,

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