The Meaning of Long Live the Cause

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The meaning of social justice is relating to the terms of the distribution of opportunities, wealth, and privileges within the society. As Catholics we must help build society in a justified and peaceful manner. Trying to work for social justice as Catholics can be difficult because some political leaders and laws support what Catholics find to be morally wrong. As Catholics we are also suppose to share the light of the Gospel with society to help make it a better place and grow closer to God. We also need to help society when it is dealing with situations and decisions that can have an affect whether or not people will treat other people in a just humane way. While being members of the Catholic church we have the responsibility to pass morale judgments on others so they can grow closer to God and become a better person. The farms workers were fighting many injustices that were undermining their humanity. Some of these injustices were that they did not have a bathroom, they had extremely low pay, they only had one glass of water for multiple families, and they did not have proper housing. The farm owners were also doing things that were harming the farmers health and putting their lives at risk such as that they did not have any health car, they did not have any medicine to help fight illness, and the farm owners were spraying pesticides one the workers putting their health at risk. All of these injustices were undermining the workers humanity in many ways. As

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