The Medal Of Honor, A Vietnam Warriors Story

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Having the ability to foresee the future is having a visionary outlook. In the book “Medal of Honor, A Vietnam Warriors Story” by MSgt Roy Benavidez and John R. Craig. Master Sergeant Benavidez was a visionary leader in his career as an Army airborne ranger because he embodied idealized influence and to emergent leadership further his military career.

Visionary Leader
Master Sergeant Benavidez became a visionary leader in his career as an Army airborne ranger, when he displayed his idealized influence when he selfishly took it upon himself to jump on the next helicopter after the call came across the radio that his guys were under fire and they needed reinforcements, with only a medical bag and a knife he bravely left. He exhibited service before self and sacrificed his personal life for the mission, because of this heroic action, he saved 8 of his comrades in Vietnam against overwhelming odds. In the bloodiest 6 hours of his life, he was shot 5 times, knifed during hand to hand combat, and sustained shrapnel wounds when hit by a grenade. When dealing with these types of adversities this is a perfect example of how emergent leadership and how resiliency place a huge part in recovery and how he used these principles in life after the war. “Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win”. As stated in “Medal of Honor” that is what his ranger drill instructor asked of him. A motto that he has always lived by. This was his resiliency motivation.
In 1965 when he was an advisor in

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